Isolated corpus spongiosum injury after sexual intercourse

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Ioannis Anastasiou
Aikaterini Anastasiou *
Ioannis Katafigiotis
Dimitrios Tsavdaris
Constantinos Constantinides
(*) Corresponding Author:
Aikaterini Anastasiou |


Penile fractures are generally rare and underreported. The mechanism of injury is due to a rupture of the corpora cavernosa following blunt or sexual trauma to the penis when fully erect. Penile fractures usually present with a ‘popping’ sound with concomitant sudden swelling and ecchymosis of the penis followed by rapid detumescence. Urethral involvement occurs only in a small part of the cases. Isolated spongiosal injury after sexual intercourse is also extremely rare. The cardinal sign of urethral injury is blood at the meatus. A small laceration can be repaired by simple closure with absorbable sutures, while a complete rupture requires a more complex anastomotic repair. We report a case of a typically presenting penile fracture that was eventually proven to be an isolated corpus spongiosum injury, with no corpora cavernosa involvement.

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