Management of self-inflicted orchiectomy in psychiatric patient. Case report and non-systematic review of the literature

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Marco Garofalo
Alessandro Colella
Paolo Sadini
Lorenzo Bianchi
Giacomo Saraceni
Eugenio Brunocilla
Giorgio Gentile *
Fulvio Colombo
(*) Corresponding Author:
Giorgio Gentile |


Introduction: Self-inflicted orchidectomy and auto-castration, also known as “Eshmun complex” is a rare phenomenon. The aim of our study it to present the management of a patient who performed a self orchiectomy and propose a non-systematic review of literature about self-orchiectomy.
Material and method: A 27-years old male Patient with psychiatric disorder was admitted to our ward to have been cutted his scrotum with scissors and cut away his left testicle causing active bleeding from the left spermatic artery. The patient underwent emergency surgery with clamping of the spermatic cord and hemostasis of the wound.
Results: After surgery the clinical condition of the patient remained good during whole hospitalization. Urgent psychiatric evaluation was performed in order to administer proper therapy for acute management. To best of our knowledge, only 11 cases of self-orchidectomy are reported in literature and all of them except 1 case, underwent surgical exploration.
Conclusions: Self-orchidectomy is an extremely rare phenomenon, often associated with psychiatric disorders, compounded by the use of drugs. In our opinion, emergency surgery should be the first choice of treatment, offering diagnostic and hemostatic purpose in a single act, aimed to prevent acute and postacute complications.

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