Surgical approach to adrenal ganglioneuroma: Case report and literature review

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Danilo Abate
Giuseppe Giusti
Nicola Caria *
Marco Lucci Chiarissi
Antonello De Lisa
(*) Corresponding Author:
Nicola Caria |


Objective: Ganglioneuroma (GN) is a benign tumor with a slow growth that can originate from any paravertebral sympathetic plexus. It is usually asymptomatic or with nonspecific symptoms. TC and RM scan are helpful to study GN. It is usually represented by an ovalshaped retroperitoneal mass or, in case of adrenal impairment, by low radiologic contrast media attenuation. Surgical treatment is mandatory. Literature shows how the laparoscopic approach is the most used, especially in lesions that are 6 cm or smaller. Our purpose is to describe our experience on an incidental adrenal GN of about 5 cm treated by the laparoscopic transperitoneal approach.
Materials and methods: A 33-year-old male had ultrasound occasional finding of an about 4 cm adrenal mass. TC and RM scan identified a retroperitoneal mass (max diameter 48 mm). The lesion was removed with a transperitoneal laparoscopic approach.
Results: No intraoperative or postoperative complications occurred. The patient was discharged 3 days after surgery. Conclusions: Up to the present laparoscopic surgery is the best approach for GN treatment.

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