Rupture of the cavernous body diagnosed by contrast-enhanced ultrasound: Presentation of a clinical case

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Lucio Dell'Atti *
Simone Scarcella
Giulio Argalia
Lorenzo Montesi
Gian Marco Giuseppetti
Andrea Benedetto Galosi
(*) Corresponding Author:
Lucio Dell'Atti |


Penile trauma represents a urological emergency characterized by the breaking of the albuginea tunic. A fast diagnosis and early surgical repair are the best treatments to avoid post-operative sequelae such as curvatures or deformities of the penis. An ultrasound evaluation may not be able to identify the injury in the tunica albuginea due to the edematous swelling of the penis and clots within the tear deteriorate the image contrast and can hide the injury. We here report a case study of successful management via surgical treatment for rupture of the cavernous body diagnosed by contrast-enhanced ultrasound in a young patient with penile trauma.

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