Pulmonary recurrence from prostate cancer and biochemical remission after metastasis directed therapy. A case report

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Riccardo Boschian *
Michele Rizzo
Lorenzo Zandonà
Carlo Trombetta
Giovanni Liguori
(*) Corresponding Author:
Riccardo Boschian | rboschian@gmail.com


We report a case of a 69-years-old man who presented with a solitary 1 cm nodule in the lower lobe of the left lung almost 3 years after radical prostatectomy for pT3aN0M0, Gleason score 4+3 disease, without evidence of osseous or lymphatic spread. Surgical resection of the pulmonary lobe confirmed the metastatic nature of the lesion, with subsequent reduction of serum PSA to undetectable levels. After 2 years from the metastasis resection, serum PSA is still undetectable, without the necessity of additional treatments. Solitary pulmonary metastases from prostate cancer (Pca) are rare in clinical practice, with only 29 previous cases described besides the one that we present.

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