Robotic perineal radical prostatectomy with high prostate volume

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Volkan Tugcu
Abdulmuttalip Simsek *
Ismail Yigitbasi
Mustafa Gürkan Yenice
Selcuk Sahin
Ali Ishsan Tasci
(*) Corresponding Author:
Abdulmuttalip Simsek |


Background: Minimally invasive techniques are ever improving and are preferred more. Many techniques were developed in radical prostatectomy operations. Robotic radical prostatectomy with the perineal approach is a new technique.
Case presentation: A 66-year-old male patient presented because of lower urinary tract symptoms, a PSA value of 5.5 ng/ml was detected, prostate biopsy was performed under transrectal ultrasound guide, a Gleason 3+3 adenocarcinoma on 3/12 foci was reported at pathology. Robotic perineal radical prostatectomy (r-PRP) operation was performed in the patient who had a prostate volume of 130 cc with middle lobe and a body mass index of 32 without additional disease. The duration of operation was 140 minutes in total and the duration at the console was 95 minutes, the amount of bleeding was 85 cc and no intraoperative complication was detected.
Conclusion: r-PRP is a technique that can be applied safely without prolonging the operation period and without additional morbidity to the patient, preserving the oncologic and functional outcomes in patients with surgical history and large prostate volume.

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