Elderly patient with atypical leiomyoma of the bladder presenting as flank pain: A case report

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Mojtaba Ameli *
Mina Rahmandoost
(*) Corresponding Author:
Mojtaba Ameli | mojtaba.ameli@gmail.com


Atypical leiomyoma is a rare tumor of the bladder whose correct diagnosis with imaging techniques and cystoscopy is difficult. This tumor is prevalent in females and more common in middle age. In the present study we report a rare case of atypical leiomyoma presenting as flank pain and history of recurrent urinary tract infections in an elderly female. Ultrasound (US) showed that the wall of bladder was thickening and irregular, especially in the lower part of the bladder. US revealed hypoechoic solid mass with dimensions of 37 x 26 mm in the posterior bladder wall protruding into the bladder. Computed Tomography scan of the patient showed a mass with dimensions of 29 x 38 mm in the posterior wall of the bladder that infiltrated the mesenteric fat and also seemed to be invading the intestinal wall. According to the general condition and age of our patient, we removed all of the mass under spinal anesthesia by transurethral bladder resection (TURBT). Biopsy results showed atypical leiomyoma. About 6 months after the patient follow-up, no recurrence was observed and symptoms had completely resolved. According to the non-specificity of the imaging, of the age of presentation and of clinical manifestations of atypical leiomyoma differential diagnosis for bladder cancer it is recommended. Only with histopathologic findings, the diagnosis can be confirmed.

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