Investigation of the effect of body mass index (BMI) on semen parameters and male reproductive system hormones

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Mehmet Zeynel Keskin *
Salih Budak
Evrim Emre Aksoy
Cem Yücel
Serkan Karamazak
Yusuf Ozlem Ilbey
Zafer Kozacıoğlu
(*) Corresponding Author:
Mehmet Zeynel Keskin |


Aim: To evaluate the effects of body mass index (BMI) ratio on semen parameters and serum reproductive hormones. Materials and methods: The data of 454 patients who prsented to male infertility clinics in our hospital between 2014 and 2015 were analyzed retrospectively. Weight, height, serum hormone levels and semen analysis results of the patients were obtained. BMI values were calculated by using the weight and height values of the patients and they were classified as group 1 for BMI values ≤ 25 kg/m2, as group 2 for BMI values 25-30 kg/m2 and as group 3 for BMI values ≥ 30 kg/m2. Results: The mean values of BMI, semen volume, concentration, total motility, progressive motility, total progressive motile sperm count (TPMSC), normal morphology according to Kruger, head abnormality, neck abnormality, tail abnormality, FSH, LH, prolactin, T/E2, total testosterone and estradiol parameters of the patients were considered. Patients were divided according to BMI values in Group 1 (n = 165), Group 2 (n = 222) and Group 3 (n = 56). There was no statistically significant difference in terms of all variables between the groups. Conclusions: We analyzed the relationship between BMI level and semen parameters and reproductive hormones, demonstrating no relationship between BMI and semen parameters. In our study, BMI does not affect semen parameters although it shows negative correlation with prolactin and testosterone levels.

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Mehmet Zeynel Keskin, Tepecik Training and Research Hospital, Izmir

Urology Clinic

Salih Budak, Tepecik Training and Research Hospital, Izmir

Urology Clinic,

Evrim Emre Aksoy, Kırkag˘aç State Hospital, Manisa

Urology Clinic

Cem Yücel, Tepecik Training and Research Hospital, Izmir

Urology Clinic

Serkan Karamazak, Tepecik Training and Research Hospital, Izmir

Urology Clinic

Yusuf Ozlem Ilbey, Tepecik Training and Research Hospital, Izmir

Urology Clinic

Zafer Kozacıoğlu, Tepecik Training and Research Hospital

Urology clinic

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