The importance of citrates in treatment and prophylaxis of calcium oxalate urinary stones

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Michele Barbera *
Andreas Tsirgiotis
Mauro Barbera
Quintino Paola
(*) Corresponding Author:
Michele Barbera |


About 10% of the people is the subject of an episode of kidney stones during their lifetime, about 70% of these people undergoes relapses. About 80% of the urinary stones contains calcium, of wich 80% is formed of calcium oxalate, in pure form or associated with calcium phosphate. Therefore we can saythat in most cases (about 65%) the urinary stones are composedof calcium oxalate. Use of supplements of potassium citrate and magnesium citrate can help in the prevention of kidney stones of calcium oxalate, but mostly they can be used in the days before a shockwaves lithotripsy treatment to make the stones more fragile to the effect of the shock waves. A case of successful treatment with magnesium potassium citrate of a SWL resistant ureteral stone is presented.

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