Verruciform xanthoma of the penis: A rare benign lesion that simulates carcinoma

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Aldo Franco De Rose *
Mattia Tosi
Guglielmo Mantica
Nataniele Piol
Carlo Toncini
Carlo Terrone
(*) Corresponding Author:
Aldo Franco De Rose |


Verruciform xanthoma is a rare and benign condition predominantly affecting the oral cavity, but also skin and female anogenital mucosa. It can be flat, papular-warty or crateriform-cystic. Furthermore it can simulate HPV viral lesion such as condyloma and malignant neoplasia such as verrucous squamous cell carcinoma. An accurate diagnosis is important to avoid overtreatment, considering it is a benign lesion that does not require any radical treatment. We present an extremely rare case of a 64 year-old man with a small, slighty raised, gray reddish-dotted lesion on the left portion of the ventral side of his glans.

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