Primary testicular lymphoma: Two case reports and review of the literature

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Basri Cakiroglu *
Seyit Erkan Eyyupoglu
Akif Nuri Dogan
Umit Noseri
Suleyman Hilmi Aksoy
Ahmet Bekir Ozturk
(*) Corresponding Author:
Basri Cakiroglu |


Primary testicular lymphoma, is a rare testis tumor that accounts for only less than 9% of all testis tumors. In the preoperative period, it is extremely difficult to distinguish this tumor from other testis tumors. Its diagnosis is done by histological analysis. Most commonly encountered histological type is diffuse large Bcell lymphoma. Adjuvant radiotheraphy and/or chemotheraphy is given after orchiectomy. Prognosis is worse than other testis tumors. Non-metastatic tumors indicates good prognosis within one year. Ongoing research in patients with primary testicular lymphoma, are on efficacy of adjuvant theraphies and preventive and cure effect on extranodal extension to central nervous system which is the most common site for recurrency. There are conflicting results because of the small number of patient size. Here we present two cases with primary testicular lymphoma at the ages 71 and 82.


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