Once-a-day Tadalafil administration improves the spermogram parameters in fertile patients

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Antonio Corvasce
Giuseppe Albino *
Teresa Leonetti
Agnese Filomena Buonomo
Ettore Cirillo Marucco
(*) Corresponding Author:
Giuseppe Albino | peppealbino@hotmail.com


Objectives: We explored the safety of Tadalafil once-daily treatment for 12 week and its effects on semen quality in a clinical subpopulation of men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction (ED). Patients and Methods: Twenty-seven men, between 19 and 35 years, unaware of their fertility status, suffering from psychogenic ED were enrolled. The examination of the seminal fluid was performed twice before administration of Tadalafil and twice after three months of continuous daily administration of Tadalafil 5 mg. The volume of the seminal fluid, the concentration of sperm, the concentration of sperm with type “a+b” motility, the concentration of sperm with type “a” motility, the concentration of normal sperm were taken into consideration. The results before treatment with Tadalafil (T0) and after 3 months of treatment (T3m) were compared. Results: The administration of once-daily Tadalafil 5mg, brings to an average increase of the total number of sperm cells, both total and fast motility (type a) and the percentage of nemasperms, and to an average increase of semen volume of only 0.41 ml. These quantitative and qualitative improvements of the seminal fluid resulted statistically significant as regard motility, nemasperm percentage and seminal fluid volume. No unespected safety findings were observed. Conclusions: Tadalafil administration improves the quality of sperm cells and seminal fluid: in particular motility, percentage of nemasperms and volume of seminal fluid. We emphasize the safety of the once-daily treatment with tadalafil 5mg and the positive effects on spermatogenesis.

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