Lower pole renal cut injury due to the iliac wing fracture: A rare case report

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Çaglar Yildirim
Özgür Haki Yüksel *
Serkan Akan
Ahmet Ürkmez
Ayhan Verit
(*) Corresponding Author:
Özgür Haki Yüksel | ozgurhaki@gmail.com


The most frequent causes of blunt genitourinary injuries are falls from heights, motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries. Firearm injuries and penetrating stab wounds are also frequently encountered. Skeletal system traumas in the vicinity of the urogenital system can cause urological organ injuries. Though rarely, renal traumas can be dependent on the kinetic energy of the trauma and the retroperitoneal movement capacity of the kidneys and cannot be explained with the proximity of the kidney to the skeletal system. In cases with high-energy decelerations, renal pedicle and ureteropelvic junction traumas are more frequently observed. Herein, we presented a grade 3 left kidney lower pole injury developed secondary to A2 type pelvic fracture following a high energy deceleration trauma. It should not be forgotten that especially in this type of fractures, injuries of the lower renal pole can occur.

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