Diagnostic-therapeutic pathway for small lesions of the testis

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Giulia Sbrollini *
Daniele Mazzaferro
Asim Ettamimi
Rodolfo Montironi
Marco Cordari
Guevar Maselli
Giacomo Tucci
Gaetano Donatelli
Francesco Pellegrinelli
Alessandro Conti
Andrea Benedetto Galosi
(*) Corresponding Author:
Giulia Sbrollini | giuliasbrollini@libero.it


Objective of our study was to define a diagnostic-therapeutic pathway for proper treatment of not-palpable testicular masses, that may be benign in 38% of cases. Since the intraoperative diagnosis is difficult to reach in particular in small lesion (< 8 mm) and the risk of tissue loss in frozen section analysis occurs frequently, we propose a diagnostic flow chart for the best management of small testis lesions. This proposed protocol has to be shown in details to physicians and patients, who must understand the clinical implications and the risk to undergo a second radical surgery.

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