Treatment of penile strangulation by the rotating saw and 4-needle aspiration method: Two case reports

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Raidh A. Talib
Onder Canguven *
Abdulla Al Ansari
Ahmad Shamsodini
(*) Corresponding Author:
Onder Canguven |


Introduction: The aim of this article was to describe our experience in using rotating saw and also combination of the instrument with 4-needle aspiration. Methods: A comprehensive review of the literature was performed using PubMed. “Penile strangulation, -constriction, -incarceration, -entrapment” were used as search terms, and a manual bibliographic review of cross referenced items was performed. Results: Search results yielded nearly 70 cases of penile strangulation caused by a variety of objects. Various instruments have been described in the literature for their safe removal, each with its own pros and cons. Conclusions: Penile strangulation should be accepted as a self-induced priapism and managed as an emergency in order to preserve erectile function and to prevent penile necrosis. Surgical creativity and patience are necessary in order to have a successful outcome.

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