The impact of non-urologic drugs on sexual function in men

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Ferdinando Fusco
Marco Franco *
Nicola Longo
Alessandro Palmieri
Vincenzo Mirone
(*) Corresponding Author:
Marco Franco |


Sexual dysfunctions have commonly been reported as the resulting side effects of many drugs. To understand the impact of a single drug, the mechanism of action of the most commonly prescribed drugs and the physiological mechanisms of sexual function have to be taken into dual consideration. Psychotropic drugs (Antidepressants, Antipsychotics and Antiepileptic) in particular result in both short and long-term effects on sexual function. Antihypertensive drugs have also produced evidence certifying their role in determining sexual dysfunction. Patients affected with sexual dysfunction are often aged and assume several drugs and, while Iatrogenic sexual dysfunction is prevalent in men, urological drugs are not the only drugs to be held accountable. Many different drugs acting on different sites and with several mechanisms of action can induce sexual dysfunction. The drug classes involved are widely diffused and frequently assumed in combination therapies.

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