Online Advertising (Banners)

  • Homepage: Top Leaderboard (512x70px): CPT €60,00 - CPC € 0,05
  • All pages: Skyscrapers (160x600px): CPT €60,00 - CPC € 0,05
  • All pages: Square button (160x160px): CPT €60,00 - CPC € 0,05
  • All pages: Footer (512x70px): CPT €60,00 - CPC € 0,05

CPT: Cost Per Thousand Impressions; CPC: Cost Per Click (with click-through).

A position sample is downloadable here. Discounts are available for multiple banners and for campaigns that run at least 3 months. If you require any additional information please contact our  Advertising Manager.

E-mail Advertising

PAGEPress offers a direct e-mail service over a vast range of topic areas enabling you to target potential new customers according to their professional profile, location, institution or specialized field. Our advertising lists are self-cleaning and guarantee high open rates for all your promotional initiatives. A newsletter is sent out twice a month to over 30,000 people registered on our database. This provides an update on all our journals along with news about the latest developments in Open Access publishing in general. The most recently published articles are also highlighted. You can advertise on the newsletter in the space available at both the top and bottom of the html. You can also target your advertising message demographically to specific topic areas on our list enabling you to select a specific readership. When you register at PAGEPress, you have the option of signing up for those newsletters that interest you most.

  • Sponsored update e-mails, 728x90 pixels standard banner: € 500,00 per 1,000 e-mails
  • Direct e-mails: € 300,00 per 1,000 e-mails

Full Media Kit available here