Variations of indicative dates of ice regime on Lake Onego based on ground air temperature Ice regime on Lake Onego

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Vyacheslav N. Baklagin *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Vyacheslav N. Baklagin |


The paper shows the changes in the dates (complete freeze-up, ±5 days/°C and complete ice clearance, ±3 days/°C) of the ice regime in Lake Onego depending on changes in average air temperature within the preceding two-month periods (autumn and spring). The regression equations for their calculation based on previous three- and four-month periods according to the 2000-2018 data are also provided. Indicative dates of ice regime based on accumulated air temperatures within the ice period of Lake Onego were also established (early formation of ice phenomena, complete freeze-up phase, beginning of the break-up phase and complete ice clearance). Together with the data on expected air temperature above the lake’s surface, these dependencies enable us to predict the indicative dates of the ice regime.

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