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Advances in Oceanography and Limnology (AIOL Journal) is the official publication of the Italian Association of Limnology and Oceanology (A.I.O.L.).

The AIOL Journal publishes original research articles and reviews on different topics and novel discoveries in the fields of limnology and oceanography. Papers may deal with different or single physical, chemical and biological aspects, including biomolecules, populations and communities, ecosystem functioning and interactions between global change and ecosystems. Environmental monitoring and studies of regional importance will be considered only if they contribute to the general advance of aquatic sciences. Multidisciplinary articles linking different scientific disciplines (e.g., community ecology and metabolomic/toxicology, ecology and phylogenetic, water quality and economy…) are equally considered. Particularly welcomed are studies focusing on marine and freshwater ecosystems.

Two regular issues of the Advances in Oceanography and Limnology are published each year. In addition, Special Issues and Proceedings that focus on topics that are timely and of interest to a significant number of aquatic scientists are published. From 2010 to 2014, previous issues of the AIOL Journal have been published by T&F.

This journal does not apply charge for publication to Authors as it is supported by institutional funds.


Young minds in aquatic sciences


The Advances in Oceanography and Limnology is glad to launch a special issue dedicated to young minds (PhDs and early post-docs) working in the broad field of aquatic sciences. Participants to the last Meeting of young members of AIOL and SItE (the Italian Society of Ecology), plus other scholars working in similar fields, are invited to send their contributions following the authors’ guidelines available on this website.
The submission is free of charge and has to be accompanied by a cover letter that explicitly states the submission of the paper to this Special Issue.

Submission deadline: 20 July 2021.

Guest editors
Giulia Cipriano (Department of Biology, University of Bari), Domenico D’Alelio (Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn), Vincenzo Donnarumma (Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn), Monia Magri (Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability, University of Parma & Marine Research Institute, University of Klaipeda), Luis Montilla (Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn).

Keywords: aquatic sciences; oceanography; limnology; marine biology; special issue

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